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Investigation of the Hebrew alphabet. Playing with letters. Disassembly and assembly.

The ancient letters form is the basis of the work. From their original form, they evolve, move freely on paper, daring, playing, changing shape, rhythm, weight. The fast, one-time movement is what gives the work its power and beauty.

The letters are the bricks from which the artwork is built. Understanding and reading the script is not always important. Nor is it always possible. The meaning of the words dictates the spirit of creation and from there everything starts.

Frequently asked questions and answers


All you need to know about art

How much time in advance to order?

The optimal time for orders is 3 weeks in advance. However, I can accommodate a much shorter time frame when necessary.

In last-minute situations, please contact me as soon as possible and I will guide you on how to proceed.

High-quality printing on cotton paper

When ordering a print, it is important to pay attention to the print quality, which is obtained from a combination of paper type and ink quality.

I print on acid-free archival cotton paper (paper that retains its properties, is not yellowing and fading). The thickness of the paper is 350 grams and has a fine texture.

Ink is also of crucial importance for print quality and the ability to maintain this quality for years. I use Epson's original ink called Ultrachrom that guarantees high survivability and durability.

A combination of high-quality paper and quality ink ensures that the print will maintain its quality for decades (under interior conditions only). By comparison - laser printing starts to lose its color after only one year !!

Shipping information


I ship Internationally. Shipping costs will vary based on the size of your order and the shipping destination. Please note: We cannot guarantee expedited shipping on international orders.


Israel Post Courier Mail - Free (6-8 days)

Israel Post Carrier - 50 NIS (1-2 business days)

Self collecting - Free

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