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The idea for this work came from an investigation of ancient Ketubahs; which in many cases were surrounded by 22 words - 22 greetings. For each letter in the Hebrew alphabet, one word was chosen. The words are good words of blessing, abundance and thanksgiving. After the selection, the words are written in free, fast and sharp calligraphy work. The ancient alphabet letters form the basis, hence they move freely on paper, daring, playing, changing shape, rhythm, weight and blending together to create a unique piece of art, combining the old and the new, between the ancient and the modern.

An exciting and personalized greeting that can fit as a birthday present, a blessing to a new home, a business, a blessing, and to everyone we wish to wish abundance, goodness and peace.

The print is high-quality print on archival cotton paper, signed by the artist.

** A sign in the sense of blessing, of intention, to signify something that is important and meaningful.

Sign 4

SKU: BL704