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My name is Shiri Lanzer, I'm Calligrapher.

Since I remember myself, I love to write. Mostly in Hebrew. The Hebrew letters, the Hebrew language - are home for me, a place to connect, create, dream, develop…

Mother’s tongue.

The place where I know exactly how the letters should look like and from there to start play, disassemble, search, experiment and then come back to order (or not ...)

The calligraphy - the fine art of writing, I expressed in two main ways - one is the calligraphic work - Ketubahs, Blessings, writing personal texts, and the other - the teaching of Hebrew calligraphy - from short workshops of tasting and experimentation to long and in-depth courses.

The two areas together allow me to be in constant development of creativity, infringing meeting with clients, students and colleagues and a lot of joy out of the way.


and besides that…

I was born in 1971, married to Miki and mother to Yoav, Amir and Gali. Graduate of Holon Institute of Technology (1999) with a design degree, B.Sc.T.E and a teaching certificate in interior design.

Nice to meet you,
I would love to be at your service.

Shiri :)

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