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Would you like to celebrate a significant event for you, your family, friends, colleagues? Are you looking for something with a slightly different appearance? ?

My designed blessings connect between the art of ancient calligraphy, a modern statement and artistic look. Texts from Jewish holy and literary sources and from Hebrew poetry, which have been given new life and a fresh contemporary look.

The blessings, touching and meaningful, created in different styles of Hebrew calligraphy - classical and modern.

There are a great variety of blessings. You can order a Blessing for Home, for Business, a blessing of Gratitude, the Doctor's Blessing, Eshet Hail, the Hacohen Blessing, the Blessing of "sign" and more.

Each Blessing is an original handcrafted. After writing, the Blessing is professionally scanned and ready to print with the highest quality. The print is on cotton paper, acid-free, with archival quality.

Frequently asked questions and answers 


All you need to know about Printed Blessings

Handcrafted Blessing

It is possible to order a handcrafted Blessing (rather than printed), handwritten and illustrated according to your exact wishes. Each Handcrafted Blessing is a unique piece, written on fine parchment or quality paper, designed especially for you.  In a remote or face-to-face meeting, we jointly build the structure and design of the Blessing, so that it is meaningful and exactly as you wish.,

You will receive a personalized and exciting work of art.

For more information contact me

How much time in advance to order?

The optimal time for orders is 3 weeks in advance. However, I can accommodate a much shorter time frame when necessary.

In last-minute situations, please contact me as soon as possible and I will guide you on how to proceed.

Shipping information


Shipping costs will vary based on the size of your order and the shipping destination. Please note: We cannot guarantee expedited shipping on international orders.


Israel Post Carrier - 50 NIS (1-2 business days)

Self collecting - Free

Gilding with real 23K gold

Using real 23K gold, with unique adhesive technique, delicate and precise craftsmanship. Gives the Ketubah a glamorous appearance that is immediately visible to all. Golden leaves do not fade or erode and add to the artistic value in addition to the prestigious appearance.


Gold-colored gilding

The original Ketubah design incorporates a gold color. Printing (however high-quality) has no metallic colors. The gold turns orange-brown. Therefore, after printing, it is possible to gild the relevant gold-colored pieces with delicate and precise brushwork.

The gilding adds light and beauty to the Ketubah and gives a touch of handmade work. RECOMMENDED!!!

Printing on parchment

The same quality print, this time on real parchment (leather), the same used by the Scribes in writing Torah, Tefillin, and Mezuzah. The parchment I use is the finest quality, with a velvety texture.

It is important to know that the print on the parchment looks a little less sharp than the print on paper, giving the print a more ancient and authentic appearance. The skin is stronger than paper and therefore better preserved over the years.

High-quality printing on cotton paper

When ordering a print, it is important to pay attention to the print quality, which is obtained from a combination of paper type and ink quality.

I print on acid-free archival cotton paper (paper that retains its properties, is not yellowing and fading). The thickness of the paper is 350 grams and has a fine texture.

Ink is also of crucial importance for print quality and the ability to maintain this quality for years. I use Epson's original ink called Ultrachrom that guarantees high survivability and durability.

A combination of high-quality paper and quality ink ensures that the print will maintain its quality for decades (under interior conditions only). By comparison - laser printing starts to lose its color after only one year !!

How much does it cost?

The chosen wording length, richness, detail of the illustration and various and unique requests will determine the final price quote.

Prices start at NIS 3500.

Crafted Ketubah - How to order?

First I invite you to visit the Crafted Ketubah Gallery and the website shop.

Then we can schedule a remote or face-to-face meeting, where we decide together on the Ketubah design - colors, composition, size, style, etc. You will also see more examples, impressed by the parchment and the materials I use. The chosen wording length and design will determine the final price quote.

Advice and help with wording!

Orthodox Ritual - In this ceremony, the wording is given and fixed. You can receive the wording from the rabbinate where you opened the marriage file or directly from your Rabbi.

Before printing, the text will be sent to you for final approval which you can also share with the Rabbi of the ceremony.

In a Conservative, Reform or Civil ceremony, the couple formulates their own wording. In these ceremonies, the Ketubah constitutes a promise, a love contract, embodying principles that can shape your shared life. It is a big responsibility and not easy, but from personal experience - it is worth trying, committing and expressing feelings in your heart through the written word. A little inspiration can turn into a big help. Depending on the ceremony you perform I will send you a few suitable formulas that you can use to help you draft your Ketubah.

In any case, I always recommend approving the final wording with your Rabbi or Marriage Officiant !!

How Long Does It Take To Prepare A Ketubah?

The optimal time for ordering Ketubah is 3 months before the wedding date. However, I can accommodate a much shorter time frame when necessary   (even until a few days before the wedding ...).

In last-minute situations, please contact me as soon as possible and I will guide you on how to proceed.

Is the Ketubah kosher?

A Kosher Ketubah is one that has no errors in wording and writing.

In the process of writing the Ketubah, I receive the text from you and this exact text will appear in the Ketubah.

I guarantee accuracy by sending you a digital copy of the Ketubah for your final approval before printing. I recommend you receive your Rabbi’s approval before finalizing. This double certification guarantees the integrity and the Kashrut of the Ketubah!

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