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Wedding Anniversary Ketubah

Mazel Tov!!! Celebrating a Gold or Silver wedding anniversary or just a desire to mark the anniversary in an exciting and meaningful way. 

A great time to give a renewed Ketubah, a chance to rejoice and appreciate your marriage, express gratitude, look ahead with joy and love.

The Ketubah is customized. Rewriting the Ketubah will be an exciting and meaningful process for you. I suggest you mention the original wedding date as well as the current date, linking past to present with a look ahead. Contact me, and I will be happy to send examples for help with wording.

As with a new Ketubah, the options available to you are either handcrafted or printed. You are welcome to enter both categories and see what is right for you in terms of budget and schedule.

Contact me for more details.

Handwritten addresses

Handwritten, hand written and illustrated and tailored to all types of ceremonies. Each handwritten inscription is a unique and unique piece, written on fine leather, designed according to your special requests. In the meeting we build together the structure and design of the written, meaningful and precise,

All this in order for the result to be just as you always dreamed.

You are in good fortune written as a personal and exciting work of art, which will continue to accompany you in your shared life and witness your love and growth as individuals, as a couple and as a family.

Printed addresses

Printed writing offers great flexibility in both price and availability.

All printed address designs are original handmade paintings by Lanzer Poems. After the written painting, a professional scan is scanned and ready to print with the highest quality.

The same wording I add to the address is sent from the written invitation, matches the type of marriage ceremony and includes the details of the wedding and the couple.

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