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Calligraphy Studies

How it all began... 

My connection with Hebrew calligraphy writing began at age 14 - during my graphics studies in high school (graphics was yet not digital…). Since then, writing has accompanied me throughout my life. At first, as a hobby - writing for friends, unique gifts for dear people. Later, when I got married, I made my Ketubah, followed by more Ketubahs. I started designing and writing Ketubahs - I turned the hobby into a profession.

Over the years, I have encountered a personal challenge - where I can continue to learn and develop? I found that there is nowhere to learn the basics and technique of Hebrew calligraphy.

This, in addition to my love for teaching, passing on knowledge and meeting people for whom calligraphy is their dream and passion, has led me to develop a curriculum that includes the basics and techniques for writing Hebrew calligraphy and integrating decorations.

Who is it for? For everyone!!! No prior knowledge is needed :) At the same time, it is a great tool and also accessible to illustrators, artists and graphic designers who want to enrich their toolbox and are looking to add another meaningful, personal way to create.

In general - a love for the Hebrew letters, the Hebrew language, a desire to create, to breathe, to listen and to be in full presence


There are three frameworks that can be studied:


"Hebrew Calligraphy and Decoration"

Fourteen weekly sessions where we first learn the principles of calligraphic writing, using ink and nib pen. To this, we add and incorporate decorations, various techniques, gilding, a celebration of colours and shapes. Finally - how to combine all we learn and produce one harmonious and significant piece. Everything else is up to you - you need to practice and repeat to get results. No prior knowledge needed !!! I deliver the course in a small and intimate group (up to 10 people), which allows for individualized attention.

Who is the course for?

Anyone who is love Hebrew language and letters.

For those who want to acquire a new, personal and powerful tool for practice and artistic creation.

For illustrators, graphic designers and artists who want to enrich their toolbox, for those who have the need and desire to create, to breathe, to listen and to be in full presence


For a syllabus "Hebrew calligraphy and decoration", please register here for automatic response with PDF file.

Calligraphy Workshop
"The Foundations of Classical Hebrew Calligraphy"

Two experiential sessions, one week apart, of learning, listening, creating and a plethora of letters and colors. Each session takes about 3 hours.

No prior knowledge needed !!! The workshop is delivered in a small, intimate group (up to 12 people), allowing attention to each one.

The workshop is designated to teach the basic principles that guide us when we practice classical Hebrew calligraphy and the proper use of the right tools. This understanding allows for continued practice, development and learning at home independently.

Who is the workshop for?

Anyone who has the desire for the Hebrew letters and language, wants to learn and experience the basics of the practice of the Hebrew calligraphy.

Anyone interested in combining the creation of mandalas with calligraphy,

anyone who loves to create, to breathe, to listen and to be in full presence.


For the syllabus "The Basics of Classical Hebrew Calligraphy" register here for automatic response with PDF file

Private Lessons

private lessons

I can hold private lessons with you to learn the basics of calligraphic writing and the way of writing Hebrew letters. The advantage of a private lesson is personal attention and progress according to the desired and correct pace for the student. 

Contact me for more details and to schedule.


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