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The design of the Ancient Yemenite Ketubah is derived from a real 18th century Yemeni Ketubah. The design is characterized by intense colors of red, turquoise and green and interspersed with gold leaves, defined by repetitive ornament with delicate line of flowers and leaves intertwining. At the top is an ornament reminiscent of an oriental style window.

Original design of Lanzer Shiri.


The print comes in two sizes

Print on cotton or real parchment

Gold color or 23 Karat gold leaf. (Handcrafted)

Suitable for every kind of ceremony (Customized Ketubah)

Packed in an elegant folder

Ancient Yemen - Printed Ketubah 10

SKU: kp0014
  • When ordering a print, it is important to pay attention to the print quality, which is obtained from a combination of paper type and ink quality.

    I print on acid-free archival cotton paper (paper that retains its properties, is not yellowing and fading). The thickness of the paper is 350 grams and has a fine texture.

    Ink is also of crucial importance for print quality and the ability to maintain this quality for years. I use Epson's original ink called Ultrachrom that guarantees high survivability and durability.

    A combination of high-quality paper and quality ink ensures that the print will maintain its quality for decades (under interior conditions only). By comparison - laser printing starts to lose its color after only one year !!