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Vine and Pomegranate


This Ketubah inspired from many sources, in particular -  antique Ketubahs designs from the Netherlands and Italy. The shape of the ornament is made up of several different frames in thickness and style. 

The Orthodox text alignment form one block, (as required).

The central decoration is taken from the seven species - vines and pomegranates - intertwining in flow and harmony.

A frame of classic calligraphic love verses. The ornament inside the inner frame creates another delineation and adds formal richness.

The colourfulness is surprising, catching the eye and attention - a combination of purple, olive green, reddish-orange, ancient pink and gold which create wealth and dramatic feeling.

The text is handmade, in classic calligraphic writing.

Handcrafted Ketubah, delicately handwritten, illustrated, fully customized to all types of ceremonies. Each handcrafted Ketubah is a unique work of art, written on fine leather parchment, tailor-designed for you.

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