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Floral Circle


Delicately handcrafted ornament of flowers and leaves intertwined with grace and harmony, creating a sense of airiness feeling.

This orthodox, hand-written, classic calligraphic is Text Alignment (as requested in the Orthodox style) in a rounded shape, which supports the circular decoration in a formative way.

Blue and turquoise colors, slightly green and subtle touches of gold that add richness to the whole decoration.

The four corners are also decorated with delicate decoration with the same flowers and leaves that adorn the entire  Ketubah.

The text is handmade, in classic calligraphic writing.

Handcrafted Ketubah, delicately handwritten, illustrated, fully customized to all types of ceremonies. Each handcrafted Ketubah is a unique work of art, written on fine leather parchment, tailor-designed for you.

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