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The challenge in this Ketubah was to combine the couple's requests: bilingual writing, two intertwining trees, a painting of the seven species, writing the verse "I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine" (Song of Solomon 6), a pair of gold rings intertwined, all in square decoration.

To combine all things:  the painting is very delicate, with spaces between the various elements that give a sense of airy look. Also, two delicate and gilded frames are drawn that delimit the seven species decoration and create for the entire decoration a delimiting and framing element.

The text is handcrafted, in classic calligraphic writing.

The result is personal Ketubah, rich in symbols and meaning, and yet it delivers a pleasant and Heart expands feeling.

Handcrafted Ketubah, delicately handwritten, illustrated, fully customized to all types of ceremonies. Each handcrafted Ketubah is a unique work of art, written on fine leather parchment, tailor-designed for you.

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